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Labelling machine mod. ET 2 champagne + distributor

Automatic linear labelling machine for attaching self-adhesive labels to cylindrical bottles or containers of wine, beverages or foodstuffs in general, consisting of: a body labelling station (with the opportunity for attaching a back label from the same roll); forward feed; fixed pick-up plate; stepping motor. The linear labelling machine is delivered ready for including in a bottling line and equipped for a given type of capsule and bottle or cylindrical container. Made entirely of stainless steel, it is solid and strong and based on an advanced technology, achieving a high output. Designed for maximum operator safety and ease of use, it is quick to adjust and complete with safety shields.
Working direction from left to right
Output: 2000 bottles per hour for still wines
               1000 bottles per hour for champagne
  • station for back label
    station for champagne bottle neck label
    standard and large capsule distributor with cap/cork checking device
    head handling unit
    forced air cooled thermal head for PVC capsules
    rolling head for aluminum capsules – output 1000 bottles per hour
    head handling unit for large capsules +1 capper bell for sealing capsules complete with photocell for centering wording on the large capsule in relation to the folds
    device for centering labels in relation to wording on large capsules
    device on the neck label station for centering in relation to the labelled bottle
    marker for hot printing with printing area 18 x 28 mm, complete with a set of numbers from 0 to 9 + L + period + neutrals  3 mm high

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