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The choices of the partners that make up Della Toffola Group have always been oriented to the industrial and technological value they represent. Each one offers a high degree of specialization and expertise contributing integrated and innovative products and services.
A Della Toffola Group consociate since 2011, Priamo Food Technologies manufactures dairy processing equipment and machinery (also in turnkey formula) for the processing of mature and fresh cheeses, yoghurt, and other milk products. The company’s technologies are also widely applied in other processes in the food-processing, beverages, and chemical/pharmaceutical industries.
The dairy processing equipment Division completes its supplies with AVE Technologies bottling and labeling products to make the offer in this industrial sector truly complete as well.

Mini dairy plants

Mini dairies
Milk storage tanks
Multipurpose mini coagulation vats
Cradle vat for ricotta coagulation
Mini vertical press for cheese and ricotta
Yogurt-making systems
Systems for producing milk for drinking
Steam generators
Pumps for dairy sector

Milk receiving and storage

Milk receiving and storage units

Milk heat treatment

Milk pasteurizers
Deodorizing units
Centrifugal separators
Plate/tubular heat exchangers

Presses for cheese

Vertical presses for cheese and ricotta

Salting cheese

Static salting vat
Dynamic salting systems

Production of ricotta

Cradle vat for ricotta coagulation
Ricotta flocculators
Static ricotta drainage trolleys
Mechanical ricotta drainage tunnels
Ricotta smoothing mixer

CIP units

CIP systems for the dairy sector
Trolley CIP plants for dairy sector

Mold washing systems

Mold washing tunnels

Milk fermenters

Milk fermenters

Coagulation vats

Multipurpose coagulation vats

Curd treatment

Curd draining and prepressing trolleys
Curd drainers and portioners
Stacked block mold tipping machine

Chilled water tanks

Ice-building chilled water tanks
Della Toffola Group supplies bottling and packaging machines and systems for the dairy sector.
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Della Toffola Group supplies primary water treatment and waste water treatment systems for the dairy sector.
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