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Brew house - Compact Models

Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic models
Della Toffola brewing rooms are designed for the production of all types of beer and constructed in a wide range to meet the needs of breweries of every type and size. 
Available in stainless steel or copper-plated versions, they can also be built to the customer’s specific needs. The Compact models with staggered vats come in 5, 10 or 20 hl versions. The versions with 3, 4, or 5 vats range from 10 to 120 hl capacity.
Constructed with painstaking attention to detail and finishing, they comply with the highest health and food-processing standards to let the master brewer express all his creative talent and flair.
In the Fully-automatic models, every phase is controlled and commanded by a reactive touchscreen loaded with rapid, user-friendly management software.
The system manages each step in every work cycle, and the customer’s own special recipes can be saved for retrieval and use whenever required.
Filly-automatic brewing rooms can also be equipped with the Min-t Cloud system that permits the connection and remote control of the machine by app, PC software, or IOS and  Android systems.


- Quick filtration times

- Efficient spent brewers grains discharge

- Easy access for maintenance

- Modular, expandable system

- Sturdy frame, high-quality finish

- Maximum consumption efficiency

- Easy cleaning

- Personalized solutions

Compact model technical features

  • Designed to occupy as little space as possible for client needs;
  • Ample work space on brewing room inspection platform;
  • Piping, heat exchanger, valves, flow exchange plate installed under inspection platform for easy access.
  • Filtration system sized to shorten times
  • Washing system designed for thorough cleaning.
  • Whirlpool vat with special bottom that reduces waste of must.

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