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Glass bottle washing machines

The Z-Italia Returnable Bottle System is a complete system that allows the reuse of returnable bottles. It removes the labels and attaches new labels in a completely automated procedure.

The Returnable Bottle System helps to cut costs by means of an environment-friendly recycling process.

The system comprises three stages: washing, delabeling and labeling.

The outside of the used bottle is washed and the old label is removed, then a new one is attached. Depending on the type of machine, the system can handle REFPET or glass bottles, and manage OPP wrap-around labels, which are attached using the Z-Italia or sleeve technology.

First of all, the outside of the bottle is washed and any traces of product or soiling are removed to make it ready for delabeling. The old label is removed by first cutting it with the aid of a laser technology or with a precision blade, depending on the type of bottle. Then the label is detached by a system that combines a blower with a vacuum suction device.

At the end of this process, Z-Italia roll-fed labelers adopt an exclusive method for attaching new labels that reduces the amount of glue required to a minimum and ensures a maximal adhesion by exploiting the principle of surface tension (like that of water) and applying  the glue only to the overlapping portion of the label.

Main Advantages of the washing / labelling & de-labeling system:

- Exclusive system based on highly-efficient and ultra-precise technologies
- Very low glue consumption: low running costs and a minimal environmental impact
- Suitable for including in existing packaging lines
- The perfect solution for reusable bottles
- Recycling enables savings on raw materials, reducing costs as a result
- Highly environment-friendly system

Machines comprising the system:
- Washing tunnel: Removes the sugary residues and cleans the bottle before the delabeling step.

- Delabeler: Available in various models, it can handle bottles made of glass or REFPET and, depending on the type of bottle, it uses a laser or high-precision mechanical cutting of the label.

- Z-Roll Fed labeler: Z-Italia’s range of roll-fed labelers includes models suitable for various types of bottle and achieves production rates from 8,000 to 72,000 bph.
The labelers use an exclusive system for attaching the labels that reduces glue consumption to a minimum, exploiting the principle of the surface tension of water, and applying glue only to the overlapping portion.

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