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Vertical red winemaking tanks SELECTOR

In addition to its traditional horizontal and vertical winemaking tanks, Della Toffola Group also offers the SELECTOR line of red winemaking tanks vaunting advanced and innovative technology. SELECTOR winemakers are patented, complete enological systems for the vinification of both young and fruity wines ready to be drunk and wines structured for aging.

The winemaking process is extremely delicate and demands the constant monitoring and management of its various characteristic phases and aspects by the user. The use of SELECTOR red winemaking tanks gives the enologist the chance to apply all the traditional red winemaking techniques that have been  developed through years of experience at the winery but with all the advantages provided by the use of avant-garde technologies and a completely automated management and control system.

Pumping over the must, pumping over in air, delestage, and racking are the methods traditionally used to ensure an ideal vinification phase. With the SELECTOR system, all are performed in combination following precise process logic and managed by an evolved control system. For this reason, SELECTOR systems incorporate a patented series of exclusive technologies that permit monitoring and intervention on all the parameters that determine the quality of the final product and ensure the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

The MULTISTEEP system with its automatic pump-over flow creates the conditions required for homogenous moistening of the pomace cap and its subsequent break-up in order to guarantee the ideal contact between the skins and the liquid phase.

OXYCONTROL and OXYPLUS ensure the control and adjustment of the oxygen contained in the solid mass during maceration.

The THERMOSOFT function controls and adjusts the temperature of the product without any excessively abrupt temperature change, while the DENSIMATIC system monitors the density of the must undergoing fermentation

The operation of the vinifier is controlled by its own control panel with a dedicated DIGIWINe electronic board and is designed also for programmable VINISUPERVISION remote control.

The ELIMATIC system permits the ageing of the wine on the lees, with re-circulating and remixing managed by the control panel. The discharge of the residual solids and cleaning are managed by a mechanical hand and a built-in washing system known as CLEANMATIC. 

SELECTOR  red winemaking tanks are available in a range of different sizes from 80 to 1500 hl.

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