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Fermentation tanks for cider

These fermentation tanks are designed to contain apple juice, to which yeasts are added in order to convert the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The fermentation process is temperature-controlled to ensure that it develops at the ideal temperature, thanks to special hollow spaces in the tank’s cylinder in which a low-temperature glycol solution circulates.

The Della Toffola Group’s tanks are widely used for the purpose of storing liquids and for their fermentation. They are manufactured in a standard version or they can be made to measure to suit the specific needs of a given customer, while always complying scrupulously with the state of the art.

All the versions of the tank guarantee the utmost hygiene, reliability, practicality in use, safety and durability. Pockets (which may be insulated) for the circulation of a refrigerant or heating fluid and insulated can also be installed on the cylinder or on the bottom of the tank to control the temperature of its contents.

Available in various models and sizes to suit a given customer’s specifications, these tanks are made of AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel, paying great attention to the choice of raw materials and to the quality of their manufacture and assembly.

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