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Carbon steel and stainless steel pressure tank

Our high-quality carbon steel and stainless steel pressure tanks are safe and extremely practical to use. Built with the greatest attention to the choice of materials, components, and work processes, these pressure tanks are used in the winemaking, food processing, chemical,  and pharmaceutical sectors.

Pressure tanks are constructed in AISI 304L-316L stainless steel or carbon steel. All are equipped with special cavity walls for the circulation of glycol, which offers excellent thermal exchange efficiency and remarkable energy savings.

Each carbon steel and stainless steel pressure tank is tested and certified at every stage of production: from the checking of the materials and the welding to the final inspection testing conducted to P.E.D. Directives, all of which serve to ensure the delivery of a qualified product with great reliability and a long working life.

All the models in their various sizes are equipped with stainless steel thermometers, level indicators, air units, and electrical heating elements, and can be personalized with various supplementary accessories, such as internal polishing or washing systems, etc.

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