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The Della Toffola family began designing and manufacturing winemaking equipment in Italy in the 1960’s. With success came growth and today the DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP boasts five divisions; Winemaking, Beverages, Bottling & Packaging, Dairy & Water Treatment, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, eight manufacturing plants and eight branch offices across six continents. The company, which remains family owned and operated, has established itself as a worldwide leader in producing innovative and dependable winemaking equipment. 

DELLA TOFFOLA USA opened its doors in 2009 and has quickly established itself as a prominent player in the industry, providing high-quality, reliable, innovative machines as well as outstanding after sales service.

A family owned business that has been successfully manufacturing and installing winemaking equipment in Italy and across the world for over fifty years.

The DELLA TOFFOLA brand offers a broad spectrum of winemaking equipment and, through acquisitions, the DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP also supplies multiple top name international brands such as AVE Technologies, OMB, Zitalia, Priamo, Sirio Aliberti and Gimar to meet the needs of customers throughout the entire production, bottling and packaging cycle of wines.

Since Giacomo Della Toffola started the company in the 1960’s for the production of the first vertical stainless steel presses and crushers, DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP has continued to embrace and develop new technologies and incorporate new enological advancements into our high-quality machines.

Our after-sales service is one of our greatest strengths. At DELLA TOFFOLA we believe that building a life-long relationship with clients is the best way to do business. All service is performed by our excellent on-site technical team who are readily available for any repairs or supplemental training that may be required.